My Writing Journey

CHAPTER 1. Beginnings

It began when Christ saved me at seven years of age. Before that, I somewhat knew the existence of God. My little mind thought He was up there in the sky somewhere. But I didn’t have a personal relationship with Him, and I was trapped in sin. He kept planting His Word within me until one Sunday, His verse prompted me to find out more about Him as a Saviour.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20 KJV

Minutes after, I accepted Christ as my Saviour. It turns out, not only He’s in Heaven but also He’s omnipresent. And He’s within me, always.

CHAPTER 2. A Book & His Will

As a child, I didn’t like reading books; that is, apart from the Bible. I read for the sake of school. Soon, I turned eight. My third-grade teacher read aloud John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. I thought, wow, I want to write something like that someday. Thereafter, she also read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe which further encouraged my interest. Subsequently, I started to like reading.

Around that time, either before or after my interest started, God called me (1 Samuel 3). But I had no idea what He was calling me towards, and I was still a young Christian drinking milk. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into years, I forgot about it.

CHAPTER 3. Failed Attempts

Throughout my childhood and teen years, I began writing many stories, within and outside of school. School assignments consisted of short snippets; during which, several teachers encouraged me to write more. I also read books, books, and more books. Both good and bad quality ones.

Besides assignments, I leisurely wrote stories on my own accord. I however would stop after a few paragraphs because I couldn’t figure out what it lacked. My mind had a character and plot, but I needed an essential factor. On the other hand, I did complete short poems. Poetry appealed to me because I could be creative with its form.

As for my stories, my numerous tries weren’t failures. Rather, they were steps.

CHAPTER 4. I Sought His Guidance

I started Book D in high school, well, I originally intended it to be a short story. Like my past attempts, I wrote several pages and quit.

Also, I created a blog about book reviews and random topics of my life. I posted somewhat frequently, and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, God didn’t want me to blog those areas. He didn’t want me to even blog . . . yet. My purpose to blog was therefore worthless which resulted in my closing it.

In my final year of high school, I prayed for what He wants me to do. I considered colleges, universities, or even dive straight into work. My study interests included history, literature, business, and criminology.

Then. He led me to study Business Management and International Business. Why? I have no idea. What matters was to follow Him.

CHAPTER 5. The Unexpected Field

Thus, I found myself typing research papers, stressing over group assignments, and barely passing certain subjects. Although the courses appear futile, my critical thinking, people management, and perseverance improved significantly.

One day, I showed my high school poem to a professor (don’t ask me why as I can’t remember how it came about). Then he asked me why I wasn’t writing currently. At that moment, God brought memories of past teachers who cheered me into my mind. He reminded me of my desire to write.

Thus, I returned to it while I continued university. Although I wrote leisurely, I wrote more consistently than before. My business courses helped in a way as they made me write papers nearly every week. And I expressed my thoughts and ideas easier and clearer than before.

I wrote snippets of daily life and self-reflection. I even commenced a mystery novel which I soon destroyed due to my using real people as fictional characters. Little did I know I would rebuilt it down the tracks.

CHAPTER 6. The Promise

As you may have known from my brief introduction, I’ve grown up in countries outside my birth country. I thought I won’t ever move again. Again, He planned otherwise.

While I sat in my campus, God prompted me to pray for another country that I would move to. He brought the passages of Acts 8:26-40 and Acts 10 to my mind. Someone needed help (after my family moved, I found it wasn’t one person, but several people).

He gave another promise. A career.

CHAPTER 7. Transiting

As He intended, my family moved . . . again. I began to email letters to a circle of friends (Book F) because I didn’t want to lose contact with them.

I couldn’t find a job in the other country, yet He promised me a career.

CHAPTER 8. Answering the Past

While I waited for companies to call me, I started to write a mystery short story because why not. I would be keeping myself productive, and redoing my failed novel. I wanted to try building my characters from scratch. I thought it’ll only be a one-time project. After all, the career He promised would most likely be business-related.

I was wrong again.

Short Story A became the first story I’d completed. What came thereafter surprised me: I realised I wanted to write more. No. He wanted me to write more, but I wasn’t sure.

I wrestled between office work and writing. Because I considered the possibility that writing was merely my own interest, not His. As I continued to pray, I began another project, Book A. Before I knew it, I wrote seriously. Each word written meant one step of faith taken for Him.

He thence guided me as my Mentor while my ideas and projects increased. My writing journey consisted of only Him and I. During which, Christ continued to pull me close, and I continued to learn more about Him.

While writing Book A, I eventually found what I lacked decades ago: messages and themes to give my stories meaning. It didn’t take me long to have a waterfall of ideas. By His wisdom, I would have a theme first, and subsequently form the characters and plot.

My purpose drove the themes, and the themes drove the stories. God drew me to thematic stories when I was eight, and He brought it back to me in my twenties. I wanted to depict Biblical messages through fiction. And to show readers how redemption in Christ and truth prevails amidst sin.

I soon started this blog to record His guidance throughout my journey. The journey continues until I reach Home.

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